Ashleigh D’Mello es una bloguera de estilo personal y estilo de vida que vive en Perth, Australia. Después de graduarse de la Universidad con una Licenciatura en Derecho y otra en Comercio (Mercadotecnia y Relaciones Públicas), Ashleigh se mudó a Nueva York por unos años y comenzó a hacer blogs de moda como un medio para expresar su lado creativo.

Con un profundo amor por el estilo y mucha creación de contenido, su blog homónimo se convirtió en un boom y un referente que hoy comparte un vistazo a su vida cotidiana, aventuras de viaje y descubrimientos de belleza, e inspira los atuendos diarios a una audiencia mundial, llegando a sus más de 100 mil seguidores.

Este mes es nuestro #StyleIcon y respondió a todas nuestras preguntas, sigue leyendo para conocerla más.

  • How did you become an influencer?It all happened pretty organically, which I think is the case for of us. I remember finding the blogs of the bloggers who literally started the industry, like Chiara Ferragni, Aimee Song and Arielle Charnas and loving what they were doing. After following these girls for a while, I think I was just inspired to start something similar, just for my own fun. Instagram slowly took off and the industry found its feet, and things kind of just started from there. It was about 5 years ago that I turned it from a hobby into what its grown into today!
  • How do you describe your style?

    Minimal and chic, with a bit of an edge. I wear lots of black and keep everything super simple, and let my accessories or shoes do the talking.
  • What are your favorite items in your wardrobe at the moment?
    My favorite things are the pieces I can mix and match with everything. So at the moment I would definitely have to say my black longline Zara blazer with accentuated shoulders, my Superga sneakers, Gary Bigeni little white dress and my Anine Bing tees!
  • What is your most precious piece of jewelry?

    Definitely my engagement ring, for obvious reasons!
  • Describe your perfect day

    Early wake up, walk along the water followed by brunch, afternoon movie marathon, my favourite take out for dinner and a nice bottle of wine! All about the simple things.

  • What or who make you LOL

    One of my favourite things about my fiance is that he makes me laugh every day – so him!

  • Your best beauty secret

    Silk pillowcases! Life changing!
  • City, beach or country? Why?

    I think I’ll always be a city kid, but I can totally appreciate weekend escapes to the country! I like to be in the thick of things, so I don’t think I can ever be too far from the city life. Definitely not a beach girl, haha.

  • Name three things on your bucket list

    I’ve never really had a bucket list – is that weird?! But if I had to put one together, three things that would be on it would be to visit India with my family to see where my Dad grew up, create my own start up company and buy myself a Chanel classic flap, haha.

  • You live in Boston, What are your three favorite places in the city?

    I moved to Boston a little over 3 months ago so I’m still discovering things every week, but so far I definitely have to say the Boston Public Garden (it’s like a mini Central Park!), Beacon Hill because it feels like an old English town, and very specifically, Bar Taco for the best tacos and spicy margaritas!

  • Name 3 song from your Spotify playlist

    I have so many Spotify playlists, I am literally always listening to music. My fave songs on my latest playlist are Rebel Girl by Angels & Airwaves, 13 by LANY and Where Were You When The Sky Opened Up by The Dangerous Summer.

  • Please recommend 3 accounts to follow on Instagram

    Negin Mirsahli, Arielle Charnas and Paola Alberdi – they are all fashion bloggers turned empire-builders and I find them very inspiring.

  • What perfume are you using?

    I’ve been wearing the new Marc Jacobs Eu So Sweet fragrance religiously ever since I got it, I am obsessed!

  • Guilty pleasure…

    A glass of wine in the evening … most evenings …

  • Do you collect anything?

    I don’t, but I do have a hard time parting with my clothes – so maybe!

  • What is your favorite season?

    Summer! I’m one of those people whose mood is really affected by the weather, so I live for the sunny seasons

  • What would be your ideal date?

    I’m a super low-key person, so I love nothing more than a cheese platter, bottle of wine and a movie! Luckily my other half agrees, hehe.

  • Do you have any unknown talent?

    I did used to play the violin professionally and I have a Law degree – both surprise people! I can also make a mean cheese board.

  • If you were a boss or CEO for a day, what place would you choose and why?

    I’d choose somewhere like Apple and pick the brains of all the employees!

  • What is the best advice someone has given to you?

    Don’t ever stop learning.

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